Rio de Janeiro

If I can describe Rio in one word, it would be “alive!” The locals are full of life and the tourists are infected. On the beach, people are strolling, bicycling, jogging, and playing volleyball or soccer. When lounging and soaking up the sun, locals would munch on Globo (ring-shape corn snack) and cold mate. You’ll see tourists trying fresh coconut juice or shaved ice and acai berries at the many snack shacks. Anywhere you go where there is music, locals (rich or poor) would sing along and start dancing – I’m very impressed and the world will be too when the 2016 Olympic Game comes to town. Here is a gathering of my favorite photos:

Leblon beach with girls from Chile20151204_102619.jpg

Playing Samba songs20151206_120935.jpg

Copacabana cooking class with Chef Simone 20151204_132941.jpg

Christ the Redeemer statueimage

Girls waiting for their ride after school at Santa Teresaimage

One of the ceramic tiles from Lapa stairsimage

Boys goofing off at Leblon beachimage

Trying anything with dulce de leche, dessert at CT Boucherieimage

Rented bikes from Bike Rio with Sandra from Sao Paoloimage

Christmas tree lighting and fireworks on Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoonimage

My first Havaianas gift from Sandra, “Oi, Tudo Bem?”


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