Today was a Good Day in Flagstaff

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August 23, 2015

I turned 35 today and my mom still drags me around to celebrate.  We had a late start, so a double shot of soymilk latte at Macy’s was our first stop.  She made me save the only available table outside because they were so busy – NAU students are back from their summer break and hot Phoenix folks spent the weekend in cool Flagstaff.  After an hour of socializing with strangers, my mom’s caffeine addiction was fulfilled and we got two Asiago bagels from Biff’s across the street.  This is a weird place – they have photos of dead loved ones on the wall (which I’m sure my mom will send one of my photos when I die since we frequent this place).  We ran to the Farmer’s Market for some of my favorite organic carrots! On our way back to downtown, the monsoon rain poured hard, so we stopped at Steep’s for ice tea and to dry out.  We were about five stores away from my birthday chocolate (I shouted, “Darn rain!”).  Yeah, the rain stopped and we went to The Sweet Shoppe.  Finally, my mom meant for me to get some blessings for my special day. We went to view a sand mandala being made by a visiting Buddhist monk Losang Samten.  What he’s creating is supposed to mean longevity.  The chants in the room made me calm (I’m hungry mom, let’s go home).  My name is Maori and today was a good day in Flagstaff: Treat-wise I got a taste of coffee, a bagel, carrots, lemonade, and two treat-covered white chocolate!

Enjoy my photos (seriously, my mom made me pose)


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